Experienced Bilingual/ESL Supervisor's Training P.M. Session

Experienced Bilingual/ESL Supervisors Training Session
Date/s: October 22, 2013
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Description The Office of Student Achievement and Accountability, Bureau of Bilingual/ESL Education will be conducting a training session to provide guidance to administrators who are in the position of Bilingual/ESL Program Supervisor. Topics to be addressed include the following:

State Requirements
•Bilingual Administrative Code (Language Assistance Program Requirements)
•Data Collection and reports (Three-year plans, bilingual program waiver requests, LEP student Exit data, LEP student Enrollment data, immigrant student data)
•Identification, Placement and Exiting LEP students
•Support Services
•Parental Notification

Federal Requirements
•NCLB Requirements for Title III
•Title III Programmatic Requirements
•Title III Fiscal Requirements(including Supplement not Supplant guidance)
•Title III Monitoring ( elements in the Title III monitoring tool, common findings)
•Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)

Professional Development Opportunities
•Professional Development Calendar (Scheduled PD Workshops)
•Sheltered English Instruction
•Model Program Initiative

Location Middlesex County College -Edison Campus
2600 Woodbridge Avenue
College Center - The Corral (3rd Floor)
Woodbridge, NJ 08818
Directions: http://www2.middlesexcc.edu/map#directions
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Contact Information Lori Ramella
NJDOE Office of Title I
PO Box 500
Trenton, NJ 09625-0500