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Teachers have the ability to change lives. Through hard work and dedication, teachers have impacted millions of New Jersey school children and have developed the next generation of leaders in our state. Many of us can point to one teacher that had a particular impact on our lives. Is there a teacher that made a huge impact on your life? Do you have a memory of a favorite New Jersey teacher that you would like to share?

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2012 Roll Call
May Jeanne DelColle
HS Social Studies
June/July Frank Iannucci
HS Mathematics
Stefanie Fox-Manno
MS English
Erin Terbecki
MS Math/Science
New Jersey has some of the best educators in the country. These educators can see the potential in each and every one of their students and they strive to help all their students succeed. We would like to recognize these teachers for their outstanding performance. Each month, the New Jersey Department of Education, will "Spotlight" an exemplary educator. To view this month’s outstanding teacher, click here.