Cumberland Regional School District
State School Report Card
District Narrative

The Cumberland Regional School District, located in Western Cumberland County provides students with a comprehensive learning environment in a nurturing and personalized setting. The district serves students in grades 9 – 12 who reside in Deerfield, Fairfield, Greenwich & Stow Creek, Hopewell & Shiloh, and Upper Deerfield Townships. Cumberland Regional also participates in the School Choice program through our agriculture program. Students participate in a wide range of programs, courses, co-curricular and extracurricular experiences and services created to address a full range of student interest and need. The entire school community values its unique heritage of fertile farmland, boroughs with historic homes and buildings, and housing developments of recent origin.

The district provides a variety of programs for students to extend and enrich their educational experience. Special efforts are made to actively engage students in their learning and to promote a strong desire on the part of students to apply classroom experiences to active, real-life learning situations and to use technology as a critical tool to maximize their success as learners. The numerous opportunities for students to participate in inter-scholastic and club activities offer our teenagers productive ways to use the time that surrounds their school day.

The Cumberland Regional School District is consistently working to provide students, teachers and staff with an optimal learning environment. The following success indicators represent initiatives that have proven to be effective in stimulating academic rigor and enhanced student achievement:

Teachers are active participants in professional development seminars offered weekly by administrators, faculty, and visiting consultants as part of the district’s Professional Development Forum. The past two academic years our staff has been focused on the practices of the Differentiated Classroom and implementation of the new teacher/leader evaluation protocols.

Faculty and administration work as colleagues to examine data as the basis for making decisions about curriculum, instructional materials, and teaching techniques.

Training for new teachers is offered throughout the academic year through our New Teacher Induction Program.

Cumberland Regional School District elicits input from our Citizens Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of stakeholders from each of the sending communities.

Community members and school staff work together to promote excellence, quality and understanding in the instruction of talented youth.

Writing Labs are in place at the high school to reinforce writing skills.

Ten Advanced Placement/Duel Credit Courses are offered at the high school, including, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP US History and AP US Government and Politics along with Duel Credit courses in Language Arts, Plant & Soil Science, Administration of Justice, Dramatic Arts, Agriculture, Technology, and Tomorrow’s Teachers.

In the 2013-14 school year Cumberland Regional High School introduced a STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Science) initiative. This year the STEM cohort of the class of 2017 are taking STEM Art first semester and Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) second semester. The final course in the STEM progression is Principles of Engineering (POE).

Teachers infuse information literacy and career awareness into the curriculum.

District Initiatives in four broad areas: Program, Safety & Security, Community Engagement and Management and Operations. These initiatives continue to expand options related to instruction, facilities, extracurricular activities and special programs as the district moves to attain their vision of schools for the future.

Character Education Programs that promote Cooperation, Assertiveness, Respect/Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-Control.

The Cumberland Regional School District Comprehensive Three Year Technology Plan includes the expanded use of our website and staff portal, mobile devices for students, and our parent and student portals to support more effective and frequent communication and collaboration.

Cumberland Regional High School District offers a variety of Special Education Services that serve students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Placement options such as Mainstream, Inclusion, Resource Center, Autistic Center and Self-Contained programs are discussed by the IEP team and students are placed into the most appropriate program for their needs. Cumberland Regional High School also offers a full spectrum of related services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Counseling and Physical Therapy for students.

Curriculum maps for all areas of study 9-12 are in place and are revised on an ongoing basis.

Students in the Agricultural Science program, a local initiative that is part of the state-wide Choices option, are consistently recognized at the State and National level for their high achievement as one of the finest FFA Chapters in New Jersey and the nation. This year, the third phase of CASE curriculum was launched (Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources). This new, highly engaging curriculum has energized our Agriculture program and has sparked greater interest in FFA

Cumberland Regional School District communicates with our stakeholders in a variety of ways including group text messages, emails, and through voicemail using our Global Connect system.

Our Honors program has seen the inclusion of “Distinguished Honors” These are students who have earned a grade of “A” in all course work, including examinations, throughout the entire academic year. These students are recognized with a banquet in the fall.

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