MAINLAND REG H S (01-2910-050)

The 2011-2012 school year was another very successful year for Mainland Regional High School.  Enrollment stayed at approximately 1500 students in our 9-12 building.  The school serves the communities of Linwood, Northfield, and Somers Point with a total population of 26,511.  Work continued on our school’s $40 million renovation which has led to a great deal of excitement by our students, faculty, and staff. This work will help bring our facility up-to-date and provide needed space to accommodate our academic and extra-curricular programs.  Our school continues to excel academically, scoring well above the state averages on the Language Arts and Mathematics sections of the HSPA and our SAT scores continue to be above state and national means.  The 2012 graduating class reported the following post-graduation plans: 58% to attend 4-year colleges/universities, 29% to attend a 2-year college, 9% to begin employment, 1% to attend vocational/technical schools, 1% going into the military, 1% entering an apprenticeship and 1% undecided.

Mainland Regional High School’s curriculum includes more than 220 diverse course offerings covering the breadth of a solid college preparatory program. There are 23 Advanced Placement courses, 33 Honors courses, and 14 Gifted/Talented courses offered.  Additionally, Dual Enrollment through Atlantic Cape Community College was offered in 2 of our courses, Calculus III and Honors Business Fundamentals.
Advanced Placement participation is an important component of our school.  In the 2011-2012 school year, 293 of our students took 673 AP exams in 24 subjects.  Overall, 64% of the tests resulted in grades of 3 or higher.  In 2011, The Washington Post ranked Mainland Regional within the top 4% of America's high schools and the top high school in Southern New Jersey. The commitment of MRHS to a strong Advanced Placement program is clear and we will continue to embrace the AP program due to the many benefits received by students involved, most importantly, their preparation for college success.
School goals for 2011-2012 focused on developing a common language of instruction rooted within the Art & Science of Teaching (Marzano, ©2007) as a means to prepare teachers for the new evaluation framework while ensuring that their professional practice continues to develop via a schoolwide book study.  Teachers worked collaboratively to revise curriculum and develop common unit plans to ensure alignment to the Common Core Standards.  In addition, the high school’s Response to Intervention (RTI) Program continued to address the academic needs of identified at-risk students and was expanded to include a lab component in Pre-Algebra.  Mainland Regional has met either the Performance Goal or the Progress Target for each of the new AMO’s (Annual Measurable Objectives) outlined in the No Child Left Behind Waiver by the state of New Jersey.  This includes the AMOs for our student body overall, as well as all measured subgroups. In 2012, New Jersey Monthly ranked Mainland Regional among the top 100 high schools within the State and best in Atlantic County. 
Moreover, the high school continued to successfully implement a revised bell schedule and technology policy that affords students greater freedom while expecting responsibility.  These freedoms included a revised electronic device policy that permits usage during the school day as well as permitting seniors to leave campus during their lunch and off-periods. In addition, MRHS continued to implement a unit lunch period in which the entire student body has lunch at the same time throughout the school.  During unit lunch, students are afforded opportunities to not only eat, but receive extra help, study, and/or meet with athletic teams and clubs. 

The high school community continues in its tireless pursuit of creating and maintaining a responsive educational climate for all stakeholders.  Mainland Regional believes that all students across all curricular content areas can be successful provided teachers take ownership of student achievement and develop the relationships necessary to foster student engagement and connectedness. Professional Development in 2011-2012 focused on the implementation of the Common Core Standards and collaboration between instructional staff members.  Many teachers participated in ETTC training and attended workshops from other providers, including national conferences.  The Professional Development Committee continued its work of implementing the state-required 100 hours of professional development.

A strong athletic program with 25 varsity sports and successful co-curricular and extra-curricular programs is a tremendous source of pride for our school and community.  In addition, Mainland Regional won a national school spirit competition sponsored by Under Armour and was crowned the most Undeniable High School.

We at MRHS continue to be committed to innovation and adaptation as a way to meet the ever evolving needs of the 21st Century, our communities, and most importantly, our students in order to ensure they are prepared for whatever their post-graduation plans may be. 

We invite you to visit our school’s web site for additional details and information. Our web address is listed at the bottom of this narrative.

Mr. Mark C. Marrone Principal, MRHS
(609) 927-4151