AVALON ELEM. (09-0170-010)

Curriculum and Programs
Avalon Elementary School serves students in grades fifth through eighth grades. The curriculum, by its nomenclature, is typical to elementary schools in New Jersey. There is a core of courses which students experience on a daily basis. They include: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Writing, and Science. In addition, there are a number of curriculum parts that the students are exposed to in selected grades for varying amounts of time in a typical week. Those include: Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, Foreign Language (Spanish), Library/Research Skills, Basic Skills Improvement, Technology Literacy, Study Skills/Critical Thinking, Financial Literacy and Career Education.

Participation and Recognition
Speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, and guidance/counseling are also provided to students identified for such services. To those students who qualify, an academic gifted/talented enrichment program is provided. We also provide Basic Skills services to identified students. We also offer induction into the Junior National Honor Society to students who qualify. Our extra-curricular programs include: Instrumental Band, Chorus, Homework Club, Art Club, Ceramic Club, Student Council and Volleyball.

Academic Achievement
The teaching/learning methods include a mixture of reliance on teacher directed activities and involvement of students in a more active learning environment, to include cooperative learning activities and integrated technology. According to students’ levels of sophistication, they take on projects which require research, drawing, designing, report writing and oral presentation, model making and other ways to indicate their mastery of a lesson or subject. Student performance on the New Jersey Statewide Assessment programs is significantly above the state average and other schools of the same DFG.

The district has entered into a “send-receive” agreement with the neighboring district on the island to consolidate the instructional programs in the two schools. Stone Harbor houses the K-4 programs for both districts and Avalon houses grades 5-8.

Stacey LaRocca-Tracy, Chief School Adminstrator

Mrs Stacey LaRocca Tracy
(609) 967-7544