Delaware Valley Regional School District is committed to providing students with a well-rounded educational experience. Highly qualified staff, as well as supportive parents and community members, help define the district’s mission of providing excellence in education for all students. Our students are our greatest asset.

Through the oversight of the Delaware Valley Board of Education, students are ensured academic opportunities and challenges that prepare them to become successful members of society. The board, in attaining this goal, is committed to working in collaborative partnership with its sending districts: Alexandria Township, Frenchtown, Holland Township, Kingwood Township, and Milford.

There are many variables that measure student success. At Delaware Valley Regional School District, students’ strong performance on standardized tests, portfolios and student projects, acceptance into colleges and continuing education programs, athletic achievements, and involvement in social service issues are a few measures that define success for students at Delaware Valley.

In addition to student success, given the current economic environment, balancing the needs of a district with the struggles of taxpayers is also a district priority. In recognition of the burden placed on our taxpayers, the Delaware Valley School District continues to initiate a variety of cost saving, shared services, ranging from transportation to technology to educational ventures. During the 2011-12 school year, expanded shared services enabled the district to maintain a sound educational program for students without undue, additional burden to our community members.

Delaware Valley Regional School District believes in, and is committed to, all students. The district will never lose sight of that focus. For additional insight about the district, please access the district’s website at

Elizabeth A. Nastus, Ed.D.

(908) 996-2131