“Live to Learn, Learn to Live” is the motto inscribed above the doors to Princeton Regional High School; it captures the essence of our values and beliefs throughout the PK-12 school system. As we strive each hour to serve approximately 3500 pupils from the Princeton and Cranbury communities, we do so knowing that the work in our classrooms, on our courts, fields and stages and in our offices matters deeply in the individual lives of each child. We are preparing students for a complex and challenging world in which they can be both successful and joyful. Our children have the benefit of exceptional curricula, the most talented teachers and a strong support base of resources, specialized facilities and community partners which tremendously influence their academic success. From pre-school through senior year, our learners are also well guided in their abilities to make good decisions, to serve their fellow human beings, and to contribute in meaningful ways to our society. “Live to Learn, Learn to Live” is not about numbers of credits or scores on standardized tests; it is about a lifelong gift that the Princeton Public Schools give its pupils and alumni. That is what makes Princeton Public Schools one of our nation’s finest educational systems.
It is a combination of high standards, great expectations, rigor, care and passion that creates the positive conditions for our learners’ successes. Our exceptional results can be measured statistically by state tests, by Advanced Placement exams, by reading and math benchmarks, by graduation rates, by college acceptances and by many other tools. By every indicator we are certainly a district of high performing students. It is our job to also be a high performing district in which our children can thrive. Analyses of our processes, patterns, and beliefs are just as important as test results and for that evaluation we turn to the Tri States Consortium of which we are a member. Asking peer districts to observe our work, to offer critical recommendations and to assist us in benchmarking standards for the 21st century is a strategy that is serving Princeton Public Schools well.

Four key areas of focus are the foundation of the district’s strategic plan:

• We will have an expectation of professional excellence leading to the best possible outcome for every student.
• We will ensure that all students meet high standards of verbal and analytical competency, recognize their individual talents and potential for excellence, and are prepared socially, academically and physically to engage confidently in their future endeavors.
• We will have a communications system to inform and engage students, parents, families, residents, faculty, staff and community partners fostering a web of mutual trust, respect and action that supports an optimum environment for student achievement.
• Student learning will be enhanced using 21st century technological skills so that students will be better able to communicate with, collaborate with, and excel among their global peers; and students will be able to use technology in constructive and creative ways in a variety of situations.

Our community, faculty, staff and Board are working together to make each goal a reality so that our children continue to thrive.

Mrs Judith Wilson
(609) 806-4200