A true neighborhood preK-8 school district and less than a mile in size, Jamesburg offers all the advantages of a small suburban school district within two unique schools. Children who attend our schools walk to and from school each day. John F. Kennedy Elementary School houses approximately 475 students in a preschool through grade five state-of-the-art facility. At JFK, we offer a Before and Aftercare Program and a full summer camp program. Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School houses approximately 188 students in grades six through eight. Our district students attend Monroe Township High School.

Our district takes a great deal of pride in the fact that, based on meeting the requirements of the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC), the New Jersey Department of Education designated the Jamesburg School District as a "high performing school district."

Our Board approved District Goals for this school year are as follows: 1. Raise language arts literacy achievement K-8 and mathematics achievement at the elementary level, with particular emphasis on closing the achievement gaps between subgroups 2. Greater utilization and integration of technology across the curriculum K-8 and expansion of Genesis 3. Resolution of the send/receive fiscal issue in order to expand opportunities for our K-8 students 4. Expansion of community and student outreach and engagement programming.

Other ongoing goals include improvement of our math and reading state test scores through data-driven, differentiated instruction in all classrooms; heterogeneous, flexible grouping of students at all grade levels; inclusive education; use of performance and benchmark assessments; extensive research projects; and balanced literacy. More specific school objectives and action plans have been crafted in each school to address our need to meet the stringent No Child Left Behind accountability mandates in language arts literacy and mathematics.

As a district, we recognize that not all children learn in the same way. To support the diverse needs of our students, we have an outstanding Reading Recovery Program, provide supplemental support for students through our afterschool Academic Support and ELL programs, and offer an exciting Gifted and Talented program for students in grades three through eight.

Recognizing the importance of arts in education, our K-8 music program provides students with a foundation in the essential elements of a music education, including learning to read music notation, harmony, and musical patterns. Our district art program provides creative and innovative art instruction to students in grades K-8.

We recognize our responsibility to meet all the developmental as well as academic needs of our students. We have a full Child Study Team, an active Intervention and Referral Services team and a district guidance counselor. We provide a number of outstanding placement options for special education students. Within our tiny district we have self-contained special education classes, regular and handicapped preschool options, and many mainstreamed programs available to qualified students.

Technology is used as a tool to communicate, collaborate, solve problems, think critically, and improve student learning. Teachers integrate technology throughout the curriculum, enabling students to develop the academic, research, career, consumer, and life skills necessary for life-long learning. Technological tools include internet access, smart boards, laptop computers, digital cameras, research databases, productivity software, digital portfolios, and interactive programs such as Inspiration/Kidspiration and United Streaming. Study Island is a web-based program that is also used, in conjunction with classroom instruction, to assess student achievement of the new Common Core and NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.

We are committed to providing quality professional development for all of our teachers. We belong to the Middlesex County Professional Development Academy and we continue to enhance our language arts literacy and mathematics programs through our membership in the Rutgers Institute for Improving Student Achievement Network. As recipients of IMPACT grant funding through Rutgers University, select teachers received training in core content areas and utilize new technology in their classrooms, including scanners, digital cameras, and clickers. Additionally, in order to bring high quality instruction to our students, teachers in JFK and GMB received ongoing training in a variety of instructional models, including Marzano’s Classroom Instruction That Works, Understanding by Design, Co-Teaching, and Benchmarks Assessment. We will be training teachers this year in a new Teacher Effectiveness Model and Response to Intervention.

Finally, our district theme, Celebrating Pride in Ourselves, Our Schools, Our Community continues to be showcased in our schools. Our Superintendent Forums and Tea with the Team meetings encourage parent and school community involvement and participation on an on-going basis. We can all be proud of what we achieve in Jamesburg Schools - in our classrooms, in our offices, in our after-school programs, and in our connections to the community. Please visit our website at www.Jamesburg.org to see all that our district has to offer.

Dr. Gail S. Verona, Superintendent of Schools
(732) 521-0303