MENDHAM BORO (27-3090)

Message from the Superintendent of Schools for 2011-2012
Greetings, and I thank you for your interest in Mendham’s schools.

We are proud of our schools, and we are proud and grateful to serve in them. We present the 2011-2012 School Report Card with, as always, a renewed sense of purpose. Your comments and suggestions will be welcome feedback.

We agree that it takes the entire borough to raise a child well, and Mendham makes just that commitment. This community actively supports its talented teachers in pursuing the mutual goal that every child will experience daily excellence. Nine Board of Education members generously contribute their time, diverse skills, and keen insights. Parent participation, led by teams such as the highly effective Home-School Association and Parent Councils, supports the expert teaching staff, the essential cornerstone of this successful school district. Students receive consistent messages concerning worthy values and respectful lives during their experiences within the varied community organizations.

Hilltop Elementary School has an earned and long-standing reputation as an exceptionally warm environment, a setting that maximizes learning and development. At Hilltop, children in grades K through 4 learn to love learning, the foundation for their future success in personal and professional life. The Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Program is the foundation that articulates Language Arts Literacy through the grades. The highly successful Everyday Mathematics program from the University of Chicago teaches mathematics in context. Science, Social Studies, and Spanish are complemented by technology, physical education, art, and music (including chorus and elective band and orchestra study).
At Mountain View Middle School, students proudly learn in a New Jersey School to Watch, not only one of the first schools to enjoy this prestigious State-awarded designation, but also the only school to have been selected twice. Persistent focus on sound values blended with a firm commitment to progressive educational ideas permit Mountain View to merge effective and engaging changes with rich traditions. Teachers College Reading and Writing continues throughout the middle school. Everyday Mathematics gives way to district-designed instruction that enables students to complete algebra before entering Mendham High School. Social Studies rooted in thematic investigation and engaging analysis, inquiry-based science instruction, and communication-focused World Language study in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are augmented by excellent related arts. Performances in art, music, technology, and physical education are proud demonstrations of the involvement of all students as each student is supported to seek personal excellence. Athletic teams and extra-curricular activities provide elective opportunities for further skill and character development. An unusual “EEE period” permits students to choose enrichment, extension, and elective activities.
Mendham’s integrated and highly regarded pre-kindergarten program watches over children as they begin to learn writing, reading, numbers, and teamwork and is carefully aligned with Hilltop’s kindergarten curriculum. The waiting list for this program is evidence of its value.

Technology to support learning and communication is continually revisited and upgraded. It’s use is ubiquitous. Carefully maintained facilities echo the pride seen throughout the borough and contribute, as all aspects of the schools do, to the intrinsic value of living and working in this close-knit community.

Differentiated instruction, continually evolving, supports our students as they stretch their understandings in supportive, learning environments. Caring and engaged learning are evident throughout the schools, providing a safe stage for prudent, instructional and learning risk-taking.

Since a community’s culture is the basis of its schools’ culture, it makes sense that Mendham’s schools reflect caring and commitment to excellence.

We hope you will decide to visit our schools.

With our best wishes,

Dr Thomas Butler Interim Superintendent
(973) 543-2295