Toms River Regional School District is the largest suburban school district in the state with a population of approximately 17,000 students, twelve elementary schools, three intermediate schools and three high schools. Respective of our size, the district takes enormous pride in the neighborhood school concept providing high-quality educational programs and services to our four sending towns, Beachwood, Toms River, Pine Beach, and South Toms River.
Toms River Schools are pupil centered. We recognize the school as a place where unexplored abilities, interests and traits are discovered and given opportunity for growth; and where the entire school population is offered visions of new and wider fields of knowledge and experience that make all life richer and more satisfying. These principles are basic in our vision.

We recognize that all of a person’s experiences influence development. The curriculum of Toms River Schools, therefore, embraces all pupil experiences in which the school has a measure of control, including class instruction, extra-curricular activities, social functions, and community service projects.

Toward this mission, Toms River Regional School District places considerable importance on annual and on-going curricular review and revision. In addition, enhancement of instructional strategies and techniques remains a constant focus for sustained professional development. Curriculum development is accomplished collaboratively with the aid of national and state content professional organizations in concert with the NJDOE and the stakeholders of the Toms River Schools. District curriculum development encompasses the scope and sequence of content and predicted outcomes while embracing all grade levels (K through 12) through both vertical and horizontal articulation.

Both the Common Core and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards provide the framework for all curricular decisions. All Toms River Schools’ course proficiencies and textbooks are aligned to these standards and must conform to the educational philosophy that they espouse. Committees comprised of professional staff, board members, community members, and students have had input in the process.

Student and curriculum assessment are accomplished through formal and informal means based on both formative and summative criteria. Formal assessments at the state level (NJ ASK3, NJ ASK4, NJ ASK5, NJ ASK6, NJ ASK7, NJ ASK8, HSPA) provide the district with valuable feedback relative to like communities and school districts. District level assessments, whether commercially produced standardized instruments or in-house common quarterly assessments at the secondary level, provide the district with equally valuable feedback relative to, student performance and placement, curricular review and professional staff development.

Toms River Regional School District provides extensive staff development activities designed to keep our professional staff up to date with the latest effective and innovative instructional strategies. These activties also allow for the networking of staff members with colleagues on a regional and statewide basis. During the past year, our teaching staff has been involved in extensive targeted and sustained professional development to better serve the students of the Toms River Schools. This was supported through local funds as well as state and federal grants and direct partnerships with New Jersey universities and colleges.

Toms River Regional School District has targeted several areas for inclusion in the district strategic plan as well as for individual school-level plans. The district remains vigilant in its commitment to provide the latest technological resources for students and staff alike with respect to delivery of the curriculum through innovative means. Specifically, math, science, language arts, and educational technology have primary focus within the district initiatives. Additionally, each school has developed an individual action plan to meet their instructional and curricular performance goals. These individual school-level plans were developed with input from professional staff and parents. Clearly there is a direct correlation between student involvement in school activities and academic performance. Therefore, numerous programs have been initiated at each level that foster self-realization to the end of developing the foundations for student performance. Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities provide an important role in the development of the whole student in support of these goals and objectives.

Parents, students, community members, and staff are kept abreast of all academic and support activities through an integrated communication network that encompasses online, print and cable mediums. Administrative and professional staff are also available to parents and the community at-large through regularly scheduled parent conferences and Parent-Teacher Organization meetings.

The Toms River Regional School District is preparing our students for success in a global community in the 21st century by providing high quality curriculum and instruction in a progressive, safe educational environment. Our district’s commitment is based on the premise that all students can achieve high academic standards.

Mr. Frank Roselli Superintendent
(732) 505-5500