The Lakeland Regional High School District, serving grades 9-12, is a comprehensive high school district. Students come to the high school from the Ringwood, Wanaque & Haskell K - 8 districts and several private schools. The constituent communities have a combined population of approximately 25,000.
As a comprehensive high school, Lakeland offers an extensive curriculum designed to serve the interests, abilities and needs of all students. The high school operates under an intensive scheduling format, consisting of five, 80-minute blocks per day. New for this school year is the A/B block where students take 4 different classes each day. Students will have these classes for the entire school year to prepare them for end of course testing. To be eligible for graduation each student must acquire 130 credits, meet all state and district course requirements and pass all New Jersey State and Federal NCLB required testing.

Lakeland Regional High School has been identified by the New Jersey Department of Education as a high achieving district, and has met ALL indicators for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). NJ Monthly has labeled Lakeland Regional High School as one of the top 20 most improved districts in the state, and the district is ranked within the top 100 schools in the state of New Jersey.

The 2012-2013 begins the development of a new three-year strategic plan (LAKELAND 2012-2015). The current mission statement and district–wide goals are as follows:

Lakeland Regional High School, a New Jersey Star School in partnership with the community, provides an exemplary, comprehensive education that develops all students to be knowledgeable, responsible citizens in a global environment.

1. To deliver exemplary educational programs that provide for students of all abilities, backgrounds and interests.
2. To have a safe and secure social and educational environment for all students.
3. To have effective and productive communication between the school and the community.
4. To develop and implement a plan to ensure that Lakeland Regional High School has state of the art facilities and equipment for students and community.

The Strategic Plan plays a significant role in meeting the needs of our student and community expectations over a five year period. During the fall of 2012, Lakeland Regional High School will again begin this voluntary process with our community to develop a new 5-year Strategic Plan in line with community expectations for our students.

Lakeland Regional High School offers a rigorous curriculum which includes 13 AP courses that are available for students to enroll. Embedded within the school day, Lakeland Regional High School currently offers 3 college level courses for students to enroll, which will earn them 3 college credits each. Students may also elect in their senior year to dually enroll with a local college and receive college credits at a reduced rate while still in high school. Virtual High School is offered as an approved and accredited online course option through Educere, which provides an option to participate in an on-line school. These courses can be taken for remediation. Lakeland offers additional course options for students who are identified as “at-risk” populations (determined by state scores) and are provided the option to receive additional services along with after-school programs in Math and LAL. Students are offered the same programs during the summer.

Lakeland continues to work closely with the community and elementary sending districts by providing a variety of informational meetings. During the past school year, Lakeland Regional High School, and the Ringwood, Wanaque, Haskell and private sending school districts held a series of articulation meetings. The meetings brought the teachers, supervisors and curriculum coordinators together to discuss curriculum in the areas of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, world languages, guidance and child study team. These ongoing articulation sessions promote a well coordinated and sequenced educational experience for every child in the district. During this same time period the Wanaque and Lakeland Districts worked together to develop a comprehensive Kindergarten through 12th grade Language Arts curriculum whereby their shared students will follow a sequential curriculum to achieve the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. Currently the three school districts are working as a consortium to select a common teacher evaluation system to meet requirements under EE4NJ.

Lakeland Regional High School continues to strive to prepare every student for the post–secondary world of academics and careers by offering an extensive multi–leveled curriculum with an emphasis on college and career readiness. Lakeland’s efforts in this area were rewarded when we received a third New Jersey Best Practice Award recognizing the School to Career and College program. A highlight of this program is the S.T.E.P. (Students to Experience Professions) component. This experience affords Lakeland’s seniors up to three opportunities to shadow people at work and learn practical career lessons.

In addition to the Career and College program the School Counseling Department provides students and parents many opportunities to develop and prepare for future education and career goals. This includes a 4-year educational mapping option for freshman students and their parents during their freshman year. Career nights are scheduled whereby sophomore students can investigate career options and the educational prerequisites necessary to enter these fields. College planning and financial aid nights are provided for juniors, seniors and their parents. The school counseling department also offers a number of opportunities for students to experience various post secondary options through an onsite college and career fair to all juniors. In addition to the academic and career programs and services offered, the school counseling department is focused on the social / emotional development of our students. Individual and group counseling is providing to assist students, as well as responsive services in times of crisis. A full grade level sequence and series of programming can be reviewed under the Counseling section of the Lakeland Regional High School website.

Highlighting two of Lakeland’s innovative programs, the District’s LEAP, SWAP and AWARE programs provide students leadership training and opportunities to help other students become successful during their high school experience. The Renaissance program recognizes the successes of both students and staff in an effort to elevate the morale and spirit within the school and community. In addition, the district has initiated a 9th grade transition program (Connections) which runs for two days over the summer prior to school opening, as well as a new student orientation for students who transfer into the district. This program is carried into the curriculum with a new Freshmen class (Pathways) to guide students in a direction for college and career training.

The District in 2011 – 2012 conducted its annual informational programming which included: two Back to School Nights, one for each semester, a Guidance Information Night, Instant College Admissions Day, College & Career Fair, Career Day, an Open House and orientation programs for incoming freshmen students and their parents, and a voter registration and informational night. Other parent/community contacts included programs during Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week, the Senior Awards Night, Financial Aid Night and Project Graduation. Lakeland was the site for monthly community health screenings.

The Lakeland Website continues to serve as a very valuable tool for communication to the parents, students and the greater Lakeland community. The Parent Portal is the principal component for parental/school communication. This option for parents is a password protected communication tool that enables parents to view their child’s schedule, grades and attendance and discipline records via Lakeland’s website. To aid in two way communication between the school and home every staff member has an email address and voice mail telephone number. In addition, parents now have the option to receive information from the school via email and text messaging.

Along with the extensive comprehensive academic curriculum, Lakeland Regional High School is proud of the 29 athletic teams and more than 50 clubs and activities that are available to the students of Ringwood and Wanaque.

For more information please visit the Lakeland website at or contact Mr. Anthony Riscica, Lakeland’s Chief School Administrator by email at or phone 973-835-1900.

Mr. Anthony Riscica
(973) 835-1900

Mr Anthony Riscica
(973) 835-1900