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2010 NCLB Report

No Child Left Behind in New Jersey
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Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Status 
School made AYP:  
School classified as "In Need of Improvement":
"In Need of Improvement" status:
District classified as
"in need of improvement" status:
Attendance Rates
2009-10  94.7%
2008-09  94.6%
Target for AYP 90%


Recently Arrived Limited English Proficient
Number of recently arrived limited English proficient (LEP) students who were not assessed on the state’s language arts assessment.
2009-10  1467.00

Teacher Information
One year of data for 2009-10 for:

>>% of classes NOT taught by highly qualified teachers:  School:  % District:  0.0%  State:  0.0%
>>% of classes NOT taught by highly qualified teachers in quartiles for:
 High poverty schools:  0.3%
 Low poverty schools:   0.0%

Teachers' Professional Qualifications
There are three essential components of a highly qualified teacher:
  • Hold at least a bachelor's degree;
  • Be fully certified/licensed by New Jersey; and
  • Demonstrate competence in each of the core academic subjects in which the teacher teaches.

Teachers can demonstrate competence in the subject(s) they teach by either: