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2014-2015 School Performance Reports

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) presents the 2014-15 School Performance Reports. These reports are designed to inform parents, educators and communities about how well a school is performing and preparing its students for college and careers. In particular, the new School Performance Reports seek to:

While the New Jersey School Performance Reports seek to bring more information to educators and stakeholders about the performance of schools, they do not seek to distill the performance of schools into a single metric, a single score, or a simplified conclusion. Instead, the intention is that educators and stakeholders will engage in meaningful conversations about the full range of the data presented. While the School Performance Reports bring attention to important student outcomes, the NJDOE does not collect data about other essential elements of a school, such as the provision of opportunities to participate and excel in extracurricular activities; the development of non-cognitive skills; the pervasiveness of a positive school culture or climate; or the attainment of other employability and technical skills, as many of these data are beyond both the capacity and resources of schools to measure.

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